Language Maintenance ILIAS 5.3
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Welcome to the language maintainer platform for ILIAS 5.3

This ILIAS installation is offered for translating and maintaining existing language files of ILIAS. Registered language maintainers can update their language version by using the GUI translation form on each page. Updated languages are committed by the ILIAS team into the ILIAS development system before packing a new release.


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Language Maintainer

Working Group for Language Maintainers


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Translating 5.3 has started
The translation of the new ILIAS version has begun. If you want to use this language installation for maintaining a language version, please notify the ILIAS core team.
You want to help us in localizing ILIAS?
  • If you want to improve an existing language version, please contact us!
  • If you want to add a new language to ILIAS, please contact us!